High Speed Eyes Drop Filling Machinery

High Speed Eyes Drop Filling Machinery

Substantial velocity eye drops filling machine

Transient introduction:
High speed drop eye filling, plug, protect machine, the pump six linear monitoring filling, 10 head of vacuum suction inner stopper plug, consider the initial 12 manipulator include screwing. And  continuous operation of tools, steady and trustworthy. It applies to round bottles as properly as flat bottles. The CIP and SIP system can be selected for complete servo perform.

The gear by the bottle conveying, synchronous belt transmission, servo and monitoring program, computerized filling plug to plug, plug on rotary monitoring, automated tracking from cover to go over, manipulator protect screw cap, RABS (limited obtain to the isolation method) and human-device smart control program and other areas. Beneath the defense of the one particular-way movement, by means of the feeding, monitoring the filling, the vacuum of the plug, the manipulator to eliminate the lid, ultimately completed the bottle motion.

The equipment can be created by single equipment, and can also be created in linkage line. To satisfy the appropriate filling accuracy and the needs of noticeable international objects, RABS can satisfy the cleanliness requirements of the new edition of GMP Appendix one, and the other can be picked with RABS.

1. Suited for filling, plugging and rotating go over of 3-30ml eye drops.
2. The bottle and flat bottle can be stuffed, plug and cover.
three. The filling technique can be configured in accordance to the customer’s requirements of the stainless steel plunger pump, ceramic pump and the CZPT, servo motor or the stepping motor.
four. Multi head monitoring and filling, large output. The round bottle can achieve 300 bottles / minutes, and the flat bottle can achieve one hundred fifty bottles / minutes.
5.  With no bottle no filling, no bottle does not plug, no plug does not include purpose.
6. The mechanical hand to get include, the influence is good the experienced fee is substantial, up to ninety nine.five%.
7. The handle system adopts computerized manage elements, this kind of as contact monitor, PLC, frequency converter, servo motor (or action motor), every single kind sensor, pneumatic actuating component, etc. The operation pace and filling amount can be altered on the contact screen, and the operation is basic and hassle-free.
eight. The whole device can decide on CIP and SIP method under the defense of a single way circulation RBAS.

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High Speed Eyes Drop Filling Machinery

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