High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine- Sausage Twisting Factory

High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine- Sausage Twisting Factory

High Speed Sausage Twisting CZPT- Sausage Twisting Factory 

 quantitative filling machine is utilized for quantitative filling and twisting below vacuum problem, preventing fat oxidation and protein hydrolysis,decreasing the quantity of micro organism,extending the shelf life of item.

 Advantages and characteristics:
 1.  Independent R&D CNC program
 2.  8.4 inch real coloration Liquid crystal display   
 3. unique industrial keyboard
 4. water-evidence front panel
 5. humanize designed manage interface,intuitive and obvious ,
 6. Japan servo motor
 7.German decelerator 
 8. substantial quality vacuum pump
 9. use to/ideal for all-natural casing,collagen/protein casing,smoke casing twisting
 10.  drive method:AC servo motor
 11. twisting tube size:Φ10, Φ12, Φ14, Φ16, Φ19, Φ22 (three optional)
 12. clipping and filling tube:Φ16, Φ22, Φ28, Φ30, Φ40 (a few optional)
thirteen.  impeller,blade and pump body is made with high hardness,higher dress in-resisting stainless metal,and the learn body adopts 304 stainless metal. 


design Quantitative variety
Filling and twisting pace
Quantitative deviation (minced meat)
Hooper quantity
ZKG-3000 6-9999 seven.9 -600 ±2 a hundred and sixty 380 590 1350x861x1710
ZKG-3500 six-9999 eight.35 -600 ±2 240 380 630 2450x1180x1800
ZKG-5000 6-9999 nine.two -600 ±2 240 380 750 2450x1180x1800
ZKG-7500 6-9999 ten -600 ±2 240 380 830 2450x1180x1800


we Focus in  sausage turnkey project  design and source all sausage meat equipment like : Sausage Filler/Stuffer Clipper CZPT Bowl Cutter Meat Mixer Meat Grinder Brine Injector Smokehouse Oven over 30 years, with expert provider in Installation,Commissioning and Instruction  could accomplished as need , assist you in Meat & Sausage company!

PS:following is some devices movie link 
vacuum filler EPwatch?v=Sz0Fn5lFu00&attribute=youtu.be.
bowl cutter  EPwatch?v=vKp6AXlIFGY&attribute=youtu.be,
meat grinder EPwatch?v=XuFNhvGGY2E&feature=youtu.be.
Injector video :EPwatch?v=Tc6RNBJlLss&characteristic=youtu.be.
Meat Mixer EPwatch?v=lotapLPoNZA&function=youtu.be.
smokehouse EPwatch?v=IMDjGbowofM&function=youtu.be.


High Speed Sausage Twisting Machine- Sausage Twisting Factory


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