Industry Two Stage Oil Lubricated Direct Drive Electric Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Industry Two Stage Oil Lubricated Direct Drive Electric Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Double Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump 


one.two Adjustable Gasoline Ballas

Two fuel ballast Configurations, much more hassle-free various demand from customers for steam discharge method.

2.compelled CZPT

Inner equipment pump and continuous force gas provide organizations compelled feed, higher suction strain can also enhance the steady and reputable operation.

3.Integral pump physique

Considerably less quantity of element elements, great repeatability, simple to restore and servicing.

4.double Return Oil Evidence Structure

CZPT return oil valve design and style, a lot more reliably shield your vacuum method after downtime from oil air pollution.


one.The wellness care business.

two.Lighting business.

three.A variety of analytical devices.

four.CZPTtronics, semiconductor sector.

five.The electrical power industry.

six.CZPT business.

Velocity Curves

CZPT Prameters

Design   DPZ-four DPZ-eight DPZ-16 DPZ-24 DPZ-30 DPZ-forty eight DPZ-65
Pumping Velocity m3/h(L/s) 50HZ four(1.1) eight(two.2) sixteen(4.4) 24(6.six) 30(8.three) forty eight(thirteen.three) 65(eighteen)
60HZ 4.eight(1.three) nine.six(2.six) nine.2(5.2) 28.eight(7.nine) 36(nine.nine) 57.six(sixteen) seventy eight(21.6)
 Extreme Separate Pressure Intensity–Shut (Pa) 5*ten-two five*ten-2 4*ten-2 4*ten-2 4*ten-two 4*10-2 4*ten-two
Extreme Total Force Intensity–Shut (Pa) five*10-1 five*10-1 4*ten-one four*10-1 4*ten-one 4*10-1 four*ten-one
Severe Independent Strain Intensity–Open up (Pa) 3 3 eight*10-one eight*10-one eight*10-one 8*ten-one 8*10-1
Electricity Solitary/A few Section Solitary/Three Phase One/A few Period One/A few Period Solitary/A few Section Three Section Three Stage
Motor Electricity (kW) .4/.37 .4/.37 .seventy five/.fifty five five one.5 2.2
Inlet/Outlet Connection(mm) KF16/25 KF16/25 KF25 KF25/40 KF25/forty KF40 KF40
CZPT Capacity(L) .6-1. .6-1. .nine-1.five 1.three-2. 1.three-two. 3.3-four.5 three.three-four.5
motor speed (rpm) 50HZ 1440
60HZ 1720
Ambient Temperature(ºC) five-forty
Noise (dB) ≤56 ≤56 ≤58 ≤58 ≤58 ≤62 ≤62
Fat (Kg) 19 21 30 35 43 62 sixty five

*) Specifications are topic to change without having prior notice

About CZPT



Q : How numerous staff in CZPT Group?
A : About 400.

Q : How a lot of staff in your manufacturing facility?
A : About 70.

Q : How many employees in your global investing company?
A : 20.We have salesman who can converse English,French,Russian,Spanish,Indonesian and Arabic.

Q : What is actually your factory’s creation ability?
A : About 500 models for each thirty day period.

Q : What’s the income volume of CZPT Group in a yr?
A : About USD 40,000,000.00 in 2014.

Q : What’s the revenue quantity of your global investing company  in a calendar year?
A : About USD eight,000,000.00 in 2014,20% of the Team annual revenue.

Q : How numerous models does CZPT export in 1 thirty day period?
A : About 50-one hundred.

Speak to CZPT 

Business Name: CZPT CZPT Saving CZPT (ZheJiang ) PLC

Telephone: -571-61278571

Fax: -571-57865043


Industry Two Stage Oil Lubricated Direct Drive Electric Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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