LRA Series Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

LRA  Series Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Merchandise Description:
LRA(C) collection Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump is produced and manufactured by us of sophisticated technological innovation which is energy saving and appropriate for prolonged phrase constant running.
It is one stage and solitary-performing structure has advantages of basic structure, convenient servicing, reliable running, high efficiency, energy preserving and greater vacuum degree which is considerably better than SK,2SK, SZ sequence items on domestic market. LRA(C) is the new generation item to change SK,2SK, SZ collection ideally.

Principal characteristics: 
1, All bearings are overseas manufacturer to guarantee the precise positioning and steady running.
two, Primary components are machined by CNC machining centre
three, Impeller content is Ductile Solid Iron or welded metal plate to assure the secure running beneath the rigorous condition and longer existence.
4, The shaft bush is manufactured by stainless metal to get longer lifetime than frequent materials. 
5, Substantial precise taper pulleys (belt drive versions) and foreign brand V-belts are utilized to assure the stable operating and more time daily life. And it is simply to dismantle or reassembly. 
six, Higher-depth flexible couplings (immediate generate types) are used to ensure the stable working and lengthier existence. The coupling factor is manufactured by rubber.
seven, Packing gland seal and CZPT seal are offered for assorted apps.
eight, The distinctive design and style of upper separator is room-saving and reduced the sound degree proficiently. 
nine, There is inspection holes at sides of pump include of LRC sort Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump to check out its clearance, corrosion problem and sediment issue.
ten, Offered all flanges at prime and sides of LRC variety Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump with the same bore size for diverse type installations on internet site.

Efficiency Range:
Max vacuum diploma: 160hpa or 33hPa
Stream Ability:five.8~646m3/min
Shaft Power :8.four~808kW

LRA  Series Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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