Mineral Processing Mining Pump Slurry Pump

Mineral Processing Mining Pump Slurry Pump

CZPT Processing CZPT Pump Slurry Pump

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AH Collection Slurry Pumps Overview

Measurement variety (outlet)

one”to eighteen”(25mm to 450mm)


up to 22,000gpm(five,000m3/hr)


up to 240ft (73m)


up to 300psi(2,571KPa)

 NNT BRAND Type of AH series centrifugal slurry pumps are cantilevered,horizontal,slurry pumps.

1. They are designed for the managing highly abrasive, substantial density slurry in the metallurgical, mining, coal, electricity, creating materials and other industrial departments and so forth.

2. The pumps of this sort also can be installed in multistage collection.

3. The frame plates for variety NH centrifugal slurry pumps have replaceable dress in-resistant

     metallic liners or rubber liners.

4. The impellers are produced of dress in resistant chrome alloy or rubber.

five. The frame plate liner and impeller for HH pump are adoptable of use-resistant metal only .

6. The shaft seals for type NH centrifugal slurry pumps can be adoptable of gland seal or expeller seal.

7. This Collection of Pumps are used conveying abrasive or corrosive slurry, specially clinker of energy crops in electric powered energy, metallurgy, mining, coal, constructing materials, chemical business and other industrial sectors,and many others.

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Mineral Processing Mining Pump Slurry Pump


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