Mini Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Supplier for Laboratory in China

Mini Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Supplier for Laboratory in China

Mini drinking water liquid ring vacuum pump provider for laboratory in China

The sequence of Multi-function Circulating Drinking water Vacuum Pump will take circulating drinking water as functioning fluid, utilizes the negative pressure created by fluid jet to eject.

Offering vacuum issue for the procedures of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing and so on, especially be suited for labs and tiny scale test of industries these kinds of as universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, chemical business, pharmacy, biochemistry, foodstuff pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering.

one. Cyclically use h2o, preserve the cherished h2o sources.

two. Conserve far more than 35% of electric power than other sort of vacuum pump.

3. The fluid muffler purpose made can lessen the gas in drinking water and make the vacuum diploma higher and much more secure decrease the friction in between gasoline and fluid, minimize the noise.

4. Double-faucet, double-show can be utilized by itself or in parallel.

5. Resist corrosion by acid, alkali and solvents

6. The particular device is created by the CZPT electrical manufacture ODM with fluorine rubber sealing, the interior of which cannot be intruded by corrosive fuel.

seven. Need to have to change the drinking water in the flume regularly to make certain the purity of drinking water good quality, the vacuum degree and to keep away from filth stains.

eight. Can be used to extract corrosive fuel, need to have to shorten the interval of water altering.

9. SHB-three: shell, flume, ejector, tee junction, check valve and fuel-extraction nozzle adopt the PP content pump physique and impeller(six movement passages, twin seal) adopt stainless steel plate urgent, the substance is in accordance with the SUS CZPT.

10. SHB-3A: ejector and gasoline-extraction nozzle adopt stainless steel substance(SUS CZPT), the relaxation is the identical as SHB-3.

11. SHB-3S: Pump human body adopts the pp materials, which is ideal for acid gas the rest is the same as SHB-three.

twelve. SHB-3T: lucid flume is handy for observe h2o level and drinking water good quality, the relaxation is the same as SHB-3A.

Model SHZ-D
Circulation 20L/min
Raise head 8m
Quantity 15L
Amount of taps two
Sucking volume 10L/min
Vacuum .098Mpa
Power 180W
Voltage 220V
Materials anticorrosion
Dimension 400*280*420mm
Weight 15kg


Mini Water Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Supplier for Laboratory in China

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