Oil Well Non Rotating Top Cementing wiper Plugs

Oil Well Non Rotating Top Cementing wiper Plugs

Oil Well Non CZPT Prime Cementing Wipper Plugs
Five Wiper cementing plugs feature 5 wiper rubber coated aluminum or plastic inserts obtainable in four ½” to twenty” casing dimensions, as effectively as purple rubber bottom plug and black coloured top plug. The bottom plug rupture diaphragm has a 300 psi differential. Plus, the plugs are available for drinking water and synthetic mud fluid programs.
Rewards incorporate:
Base plug wipes mud sheath and other debris from the casing ID forward of the cementTop and base plug minimize cement contamination with wellbore and displacement fluids.300 psi differential stress needed to rupture diaphragm and provide surface area indicator that base plug has attained the float collarPreventing cement over displacement and “soaked shoe keep track of”PDC drillableOperating selection up to 350°FModerate plug landing plug stress rangeCompatible with almost all typical fluid systemsThese plugs supply the adhering to rewards:
(one) Spceial non-rotational system design permitting the plugs to drill out rapidly
(two) Special materials developed for easy drill out with PDV bits
(three) High temperature and substantial pressure resistance.

Technical specs for reference:

Dimension of casing
139.7(five-one/two) 134(five-nine/32) 250(9-27/32) Rotary
177.8(seven) 170(6-eleven/sixteen) 235/260(9-one/four/ten-one/four)
244.five(nine-5/8) 232(9-1/8) 274(ten-25/32) Non-Rotary
339.seven(13-three/8) 325(twelve-fifty one/64) 355(thirteen-sixty three/sixty four)

 Oil Cementing Resource CZPT Cement Plug, Wiper Cement Plug with China manufacturing facility competitive value
1) Varieties Available: Conventional CZPT plugs and non-rotating plugs are obtainable
two) Standard: API
three) API and ISO accredited
four) Technical specs: 4 1/2”—20”. More particular dimensions or mixture are offered as requested.
5) Substance: CZPTs and Phenolic Resins.
six) Application
Our cementing plugs are specially made with a optimistic wiping motion to make sure that the casing is clear.
The top cementing plugs is designed to exert continous pressure on the casing wall.
The fins and tail section of bottom plugs give constructive wiping action. Fins also serve as a seal even though cementing. 
7) Construction:
The main is manufactured of aluminum or phenolic resins, based on the application and effectively circumstances.
The plug is created of high performance materials this sort of as rubbers or phenolic resins. 
8) Using Strategy:

Place base plug before injecting cement, and pump the scrape to thoroughly clean the properly-wall. Following all is set, build the strain of 2-4MPa until the rubber diaphragm is damaged, and as a result circulation is fashioned. Then inject the cement, place the leading plug, pump, set the force, and effectively cementation will come to an end.

Oil Well Non Rotating Top Cementing wiper Plugs


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