Skin Care, Home Care and Paste Mixer Machine

Skin Care, Home Care and Paste Mixer Machine

Skin Treatment , Home Treatment and Paste Mixer equipment


Skin Treatment , Property Treatment and Paste Mixer machine with oil /h2o period for a buyer in south africa. It will be used to mix various viscous products in cosmeics business.
The machine is double jacketed for steam heating with insulation, automated pneumatic valve, bodyweight program , CIP susyem . There is certainly an double way anchor stirrer with PTFE wipers, a high shear rotor double stator homogenizer and a substantial velocity disperser mixer. Vacuum pump is outfitted to pull out the bubbles throughout mixing.
The control is carried out by Siemens PLC . You can program the pace, time, temperature , wieght and vacuum etc and preserve it as a recipe.

one.Vacuum emulsifying machine is specially designed adopting advanced technology of oversea according to the cosmetic and ointment production technology.
2.The machine is made up of pretreatment boiler (oil boiler, water boiler), vacuum emulsification blending boiler, 
vacuum pump , pouring-out system, electric control system or steam heating system and workable .
three. The function of the machine including mixing, homogenizing, heating, emulsifier etc. it’s the best choose for making high grade cosmetic cream, lotion etc.
FMB -100L mixer 

FMB-double control panel mixer ( It is our most recent variety mixer with specical panel and particular homogenizer)

FMB- button mixer 

FMB- Mounted kind mixer 

FMB-Double carry technique mixer 


Stirring scrap Material SUS316L ,Scrap material PTFE/Teflon
Motor ABB brand or Siemens Motor
homogenizer bottom or higher
out merchandise pump or tilting
heating technique: steam or electric
cotrol Seimens PLC contact screen  or button

 The reasons for you
one.For heating program(steam or electric heating)
(1)steam heating preserve cost in the future.The electric powered heating save cost now
(2)steam heating temperature can achieve to one hundred seventy.4degrees,the electric powered heating can attain to 100degrees.
(3)steam heating  up quick.
two.For homogenizer(higher homogenizer or bottom homogenizer )
(1)upper homogenizer lovely ,
(2)base homogenizer straightforward cleansing
(three)bottom homogenizer easy sustain
(4)upper homogenizer,bottom seals greater that base homogenzer
(5)upper homogenizer speed 3000rpm,base homogenizer speed3600rpm.
3.control (touch screen manage or buttom manage )
(one)Buttom handle preserve cost .
(2)In accordance to nation practice
(3)buttom control easy maintain
(4)PLC contact display management intelligentize
four.fastened kind or raise variety
(1)preserve expense, fixed type
(two) Tiny footprint ,elevate type
Principal technical parameter

product Effective capacity emulsify agitator total power
    kW r/min kW r/min CZPTtric heating Steam heating
FME-10 ten .55 -3600 .37 -eighty five 7 two
FME-twenty twenty .75 -3600 .37 -eighty five 9 3
FME-50 50 two.two -3600 .75 -eighty twelve four
FME-one hundred 100 4 -3500 1.5 -75 24 nine
FME-150 a hundred and fifty four -3500 one.5 -seventy five 24 9
FME-200 two hundred 5.5 -3300 one.five -sixty five 28 ten
FME-300 three hundred five.five -3300 two.two -65 32 12
FME-500 five hundred seven.five -3300 4 -sixty fifty 16
FMB-two hundred two hundred 5.5 -3300 one.five -sixty five 28 10
FMB-300 300 five.five -3300 two.two -65 32 12
FMB-500 five hundred 7.five -3300 2.two -sixty fifty sixteen
FMB-800 800 10 -3300 4 -sixty sixty five 25
FMB-a thousand a thousand 10 -3000 five.5 -60 75 29
FMB-2000 2000 fourteen -3000 seven.five -sixty 92 38
FMB-3000 3000 18 -3000 ten -60 120 43
FMH-1000 one thousand 10 -3000 5.5 -60 seventy five 29
FMH-2000 2000 fourteen -3000 seven.five -60 ninety 38
FMH-3000 3000 18 -3000 7.five -sixty a hundred and twenty forty three
FMH-4000 4000 20 -3000 eleven -60 140 50
FMH-5000 5000 22 -3000 15 -sixty 155 sixty three
(The parameters are for reference only,the product depend on actual items.

Warmly Welcome to go far more inforation  (for illustration ,image ,video clip and specification)


Skin Care, Home Care and Paste Mixer Machine

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