Trucks Mounted Concrete Pump with Isusu

Trucks Mounted Concrete Pump with Isusu

Functions of the CZPT System 
1. The closed cost-free fluid energy technique shaped by double pump confluence has the functions of large output, small depreciation and
easy commutation with no impact. 
2. The smart manage program can make the driving oil stream incessantly and straight into the driving oil cylinder with no any reduction.
3. As there are no fussy center commutation management valves, the commutation impact is decreased and excessively large oil temperature
is averted. Meanwhile, it tends to make servicing easier.
four. When compared with the open method with a large oil tank, the shut technique needs a little oil tank. The oil in the tank flows carefully, which
lowers the possibility of emulsification.
5. The special buffering technologies can lower the system’s higher-strain peak price. Even at the time of higher output, the distributing
growth vibrates little and the tail pipe continues to be steady.
6. The concrete output can be regulated by way of the digital proportional variable adjustment according to your real demands.

Concrete Pump Truck Mounted Pump For Sale Parameter

Parameter of 37m truck-mounted concrete pump

 name device  parameter
  output in theory m3/h one hundred twenty five
 index of the pump carry capacity Mpa.m3/h 586
 theoretic pumping pressure Mpa 8.five
 bucket volume L seven-hundred
 height of top surface of bucket mm 1370
 model of dirstribution valve   S
 max. operation radius m 32.six
max. operation height m 36.six
max. operation depth m twenty five.5
 open height of boom mm 8450
 distance between front landing legs mm 7058
distance between rear landing legs mm 6848
distance between front & rear landing legs mm 6790
 diameter of delivery pipe mm a hundred twenty five
 length of hose pipe m four
 rotary range of boom   370°
 quantity of boom   4
 rotary angle of each boom  ° 92/180/one hundred eighty/270
 wireline control distance  m 33
romote control distance m 200
   max. speed km/h eighty five
 min. turn radius mm 8800
 brake distance  m seven
 approach angle ° 16
 departure angle ° 11
 chassis model   CYZ51Q
 wheel base between the first & the CZPT axle mm 4595
wheel base between the CZPT & the third axle mm 1310
 front tread mm 2065
 rear tread mm 1850
 max. engine output power kw 265(1800r/min)
max. engine output torque n.m 1422(1100r/min)
 max, gradient ability % 37
 fuel consumption L/100km 36.six
out dimension(L×W×H) mm 12000×2490×3800
 total weight kg 28000

Operator basic safety and comfort
Closed loop hydraulic program lowers sound and vibrations for better security, balance and convenience. Distant, cable and Local handle modes
for comfort featuring  unexpected emergency quit for increased basic safety.  Comprehensive mistake monitoring technique with alerts to wireless remote for
actual-time monitoring. GPS monitoring allows knowledge and situation monitoring from remote places.

CZPTtric elements from SIEMENS and OMRON. World-course elements employed for important programs.  
V-shaped watertight hydraulic seals prevent the hydraulic oil from currently being emulsified.

Easy to Keep
Block distributor guarantees lubricating factors get correct volume of grease. 
Routine maintenance free of charge hydraulic valves from CZPT  and CZPT. 
CZPT piston retraction make servicing simple. 
Practical placement of essential servicing factors. 
Elements, support and attachments you can count on.

Developed for Effectiveness
Low fuel consumption and environmentally welcoming truck chassis from planet class suppliers like.  
Parallel hydraulic techniques enable legs to open on equally sides simultaneously.
Huge bore concrete cylinder and streamlined hopper increase concrete feeding effectiveness.


Trucks Mounted Concrete Pump with Isusu


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