Usun Model: AT64 200-500 Bar Double Acting Pneumatic Hydrotest Pump for Hydraulic Tool Testing

Usun Model: AT64 200-500 Bar Double Acting Pneumatic Hydrotest Pump for Hydraulic Tool Testing

Popular  CZPT Design :AT64  sort two hundred-500 Bar output  160mm pushed double

acting pneumatic hydrotest pump for hydraulic device screening  

CZPT Data for Air driven liquid pumps


CZPT air pushed liquid  pumps are ratio products that make use of reduced pressure compressed


air driving a larger diameter piston (location x force) which is linearly linked to a smaller


hydraulic piston/plunger. Making use of this ratio principal, a increased hydraulic pressure can be created.


CZPT Pump product quantities replicate the pumps nominal force ratio, even though the specialized data 


indicates precise ratios.  The outlet stall force is straightforward to set by altering the air drive stress


by means of a easy air stress regulator. 


By multiplying the force ratio by the accessible shop


air pressure, the nominal liquid force can be calculated.


Exmple ( Pump Model: AT644 liquid pump)


Air travel piston region ( 160mm Ø)


CZPT plunger region ( 20 mm Ø)


Actual ratio = 64:1


one.  AIR Push Part


The air drive segment is composed of a light bodyweight piston complete with seals working within an


aluminum barrel. The diameter of the air piston is 80mm. When compressed air is supplied to


the pump the air pushes the air piston down on a compression stroke


( forces fluid out of the liquid finish).


 Under the control of pilot pins (poppet valve) activated at every single stop of the stroke


two. CZPT Area (Wetted End)


The hydraulic area of an air pushed liquid pump consists of four primary items, the hydraulic body,


the piston/plunger, the check valves and the principal high force seal. The hydraulic


piston/plunger is  directly linked to the air piston and it is housed within the hydraulic entire body and


its movement up and down results in the liquid movement into and out of the pump via the check


valves. The examine valves are spring loaded and on the suction stroke the inlet check valve


 opens to the highest enabling fluid into the hydraulic physique and on the compression stroke the


inlet verify valve closes and the discharge check valve opens forcing the pumped fluid into the


approach. The primary substantial pressure seal is located in the hydraulic body and the piston/plunger seals


against this throughout operation. There are diverse supplies and designs of high strain seals


based on the fluid getting pumped and the optimum pressures of the pump, nonetheless the


CZPT seals are suitable for each drinking water and hydraulic fluid use.


CZPT air driven liquid pumps are self-priming, However, large ratio pumps are much more difficult to


Prime and may call for bleeding. In general, it is not advisable to use an air- line lubricator.


CZPT  air pushed liquid pumps cycle automatically  as the outlet stress increases the


resistance  also increases and the cycle rate decreases until finally the pump stops instantly


when the output  pressure forces are equivalent. This is referred to as the stall problem.


The pump will restart with a slight drop in the outlet strain or an improve in the air push


force. Pump performance can be affected by a quantity of situations, these kinds of as freezing of the


exhaust muffler or pilot valves (which is brought on by moisture in air lines), insufficient inlet air-line


sizes and dirty filers. When functioning the pumps on a constant foundation, we recommend you use


a greatest cycle price of 50~60 cycles for every minute.


This will both improve support intervals and help in stopping ice forming


at the exhaust. An air source dryer will also support in reducing icing up.


To acquire greatest all round efficiency, it is suggested not to decrease the indicated port measurements


and consult We for movement circumstances not revealed in charts.

Typical applications for  pneumatic driven water screening pump  

Essential characteristics

One particular model obtainable in 8 ratios

Compatibility with a assortment of liquids

Risk-free pneumatic operation

Aluminum bodies and wetted resources of carbon metal or stainless metal

Rugged,compact,dependable and straightforward upkeep confirmed style

High high quality seals, extended support existence accessible

No require for air line lubrication

Wide software with large assortment of pressure ratio

Main technical data 

Standard specialized information for pneumatic driven h2o pump 

AT Serial Air liquid pump 
CZPT data                                             Foundation on air driven at 7Bar , air intake is around  .9M3 per min 
Foundation on air pushed pressure at 7Bar
Model Piston/Rod diameter ø(mm) Displacement for each stroke (mL) Liquid IN Liquid OUT Greatest outlet pressyre Bar@at eight.3Bar Liquid Outlet pressure (Bar)     1Bar=.1Mpa=1.019Kg/cm²
20 40 70 a hundred one hundred fifty 200 300 four hundred 500 600 seven hundred 900 1200 1700 2350
Flow rate   L/min  (L/min)
AT10 50 294.fifty two NPT3/4” NPT3/4″ 83 35.34 26.51 20.sixty two 17.67 eleven.78                      
AT16 forty 188.five NPT3/4″ NPT3/4″ 132.eight 22.sixty two 16.ninety seven thirteen.two 11.31 seven.fifty four                      
AT20 35 a hundred and forty four.32 NPT3/four” NPT3/4″ 166 17.32 14.forty three twelve.ninety nine 11.55                    
AT28 thirty 106.03 NPT1/2″ NPT1/2″ 232.four twelve.seventy two 10.6 nine.fifty four 8.48 seven.42 6.36                  
AT40 25 73.sixty three NPT1/two” NPT1/two” 332 8.84 7.36 six.sixty three 5.89 5.fifteen four.forty two 3.sixty eight                
AT64 20 forty seven.12 NPT3/8″ NPT3/8″ 498 5.sixty five four.seventy one four.24 three.77 three.3 2.eighty three 2.36 one.88 1.41              
AT80 18 38.17 NPT3/8″ NPT3/8″ 664 four.58 3.eighty two three.44 3.05 two.sixty seven 2.29 1.ninety one one.53 1.34 one.fifteen            
AT100 sixteen 30.16 NPT3/eight” NPT3/eight” 830 three.62 three.32 three.02 2.87 2.56 2.26 one.eighty one 1.51 1.21 1.06 .nine        
AT130 fourteen 23.09 NPT3/8″ NPT3/eight” 1079 2.seventy seven 2.sixty six 2.54 2.31 2.08 one.eighty five 1.62 one.39 1.15 .92 .81 .69 .23      
AT170 12 twelve.forty four NPT3/eight” NPT3/eight” 1411 1.49 one.forty three one.37 one.31 one.24 1.12 1 .87 .seventy five .sixty two .five .44 .37 .12    
AT240 ten eight.sixty four NPT3/eight” *HF4 1992 one.04 .ninety nine .95 .91 .86 .seventy eight .sixty nine .six .52 .43 .35 .3 .26 .22 .17  
AT300 9 7.32 NPT1/4″ *HF4 2490 .88 .84 .eighty four .eighty one .seventy seven .73 .66 .59 .fifty one .44 .37 .33 .29 .33 .eighteen  
AT400 eight five.53 NPT1/four” *HF4 3320 .sixty six .sixty four .64 .61 .fifty eight .55 .5 .44 .39 .33 .28 .25 .22 .21 .19 .fourteen

Remark one) Maxium outlet stress are at an air pushed strain of 8 bar or 116 PSI ,for long lifestyle employing

of this sort of pump ,we propose that air pushed force ought to be not much more than 8 Bar 

Common diagram of this kind of air pushed liquid pumps 


Product Applications 


Manufacturing unit corners 


Usun Model: AT64 200-500 Bar Double Acting Pneumatic Hydrotest Pump for Hydraulic Tool Testing

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