Variable Displacement Vane Pump Vp 30 Hydraulic Oil Pump

Variable Displacement Vane Pump Vp 30 Hydraulic Oil Pump

variable displacement vane pump 

one. Adopting the tehcnology of Complete Machining, With the perform of displacement-manage routinely and payment under the location strain. Large effectiveness, Reduced warmth, CZPT-conserving.

2. Reduced sounds, rapid response, working with large effectiveness and very good steadiness.

3. Not sophisticated construction, convinient for operating and maintainence.

four. With Altering system, the Circulation and the Stress of the Vane Pump can be modified freely, which are fairly suited for the industry of CNC lathe device and shoe-creating equipment.

5. Lengthy servie existence, sturdy framework, little human body, room-conserving, economic and durable, and it can be related with CZPTtric CZPT straight.

  product  Flow                        .35Mpa
1800rpm      (L/min)
(Check out from shaft)
Input energy KW(HP)
1800r/min 1500r/min
VP-12-twenty 12 .8-2. 800-1800 Clockwise .37(.5) .37(.5)
VP-12-35 1.5-3.five .seventy five(one) .fifty five(1)
VP-12-55 three.-five.five 1.1(one.five) .seventy five(one)
VP-12-70 5.-7. one.five(two) one.five(two)
VP-fifteen-twenty 15 .eight-2. .five(1) .55(1)
VP-fifteen-35 one.five-3.five .75(one)
VP-fifteen-55 three.-five.5 1.five(2) 1.1(2)
VP-fifteen-70 5.-7. 1.5(two) one.five(2)
VP-twenty-twenty twenty .8-two. .seventy five(one) .55(one)
VP-20-35 1.five-3.5 one.1(one.5) one.1(2)
VP-20-fifty five three.-5.five one.5(two) 1.5(two)
VP-twenty-70 five.-7. two.2(three) 2.2(three)
VP-thirty-twenty thirty .8-two. 1.1(2) .75(1)
VP-thirty-35 one.5-three.5 1.5(2) 1.five(two)
VP-thirty-55 three.-5.five two.2(3) two.2(3)
VP-thirty-70 5.-seven. 3.seventy five(five) 3.(5)
VP-forty-20 forty .eight-2. 1.five(2)
VP-40-35 one.5-three.five 2.two(3) 2.(three)
VP-forty-55 3.-five.five 3.seventy five(5) 3.(five)
VP-40-70 five.-seven. 5.5(7.five) 4.(five)


Variable Displacement Vane Pump Vp 30 Hydraulic Oil Pump

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