Yf-1000t Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn DTY Spinning Finish Oil

Yf-1000t Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn DTY Spinning Finish Oil

Major elements:Lower viscosity mineral oil,Non/anionic surfactant.
Principal objective: Water spray, warp knitting, round equipment

Suited for 150D/288F,  150D/144F, 75D/144F

CZPT indicators:

Look PH Flash stage(ºC) Density(20ºC,g/cm³) Dampness content% Rotary sticky degree(40ºC,mpa. S) Emulsibility(twenty% h2o resolution)
 colorless to pale yellow clear oily liquid six.five-8.5  ≥130  0.8-.nine ≤1 8.5-eleven.5  White emulsion


Functionality & Characteristics

  1. Minimal area rigidity, good permeability, uniform oil, effortless to manage oil charge.
  2. The cluster is excellent sufficient to keep the monofilament nicely collectively.
  3. Excellent smoothness, high oil movie energy, can decrease the friction amongst the fiber and the make contact with area, effectively prevent the fiber from producing wool and breakage in the approach of processing, which is beneficial to the post-processing of fiber.
  4. The antistatic property is good, and the fiber is not triggered by static electricity in the procedure of unwinding and weaving.
  5. Great emulsification and refining.
  6. The oil equipment has good volatility and very good corrosion resistance.

It is appropriate for the creation of lower-elastic polyester yarn by higher-speed drafting fake twisting, the creation of polyester drawn yarn by conventional spinning drafting and twisting tools, the air-deforming filament ATY process, and the polyester winding oil, which can fulfill knitting and weaving. Waiting for the processing method demands.

CZPT & Storage
1.170kg iron drum (or plastic drum) packaging or 850KG plastic drum sealed packaging or tanker transport.
two.The indoor light-weight is sealed underneath standard temperature and the sealed shelf lifestyle is six months.

Safety measures
1. Storage tanks need to be nicely-insulated and insulated to avoid substantial-temperature exposure in summer and low temperature damage in winter season, and regular cleansing.
2. Do not combine drinking water and other impurities.
three.Managing need to be handled carefully to avert leakage.
4.It is recommended to use a positive displacement pump to supply oil.

With out any additives, crude oil can be immediately oiled with oil rollers or nozzles, and the preferred oil amount can be attained through method placing and adjustment. Owing to differences in procedure, product, and variety, consumers are encouraged to modify the sample as proper.

Yf-1000t Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn DTY Spinning Finish Oil


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